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The Word Learning Center
The Word Learning Center
The Word Learning Center
This software allows you to test your knowledge about simple words in different languages which uses latin letters. Basically, you create your own lessons in those languages and then learn them by testing your lessons. You can add images to help you learn new words or you can just skip adding images in this software. There is a letter lesson as well to allow you to get used to the standard keyboard layer.
What is included in this software
Allows multiple languages words
With or without pictures, you choose
Create your own lessons
Handy to learn new words
Can be handy for school words lessons
Modify the color scheme as you want it to be
Use any jpg picture you want to associate it to a word
4 types of lessons - with or without images
English version for buttons and editing
And more...

This software is 100% free, download it with no restrictions

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